Monday, February 20, 2012

A Simple Audio Amplifier

I've built this one some some time ago and his now my bench test audio amplifier, it works nice and if it has to much gain for the part I am testing I just connect the input to the second preamp stage as stated in the original article by ke3ij.
I built it because my test LM386 amplifier was behaving incorrectly and I could not trust him anymore, I guess that there were some problems in the solder, it was open air soldered into a baby milk box, didn't bothered to find out what was the issue...decommissioned!

The schematic:

And the lousy photo:

Here working as the audio output stage for the BITX FM demodulator tests.
There's a 9V1 zener for power supply regulating (on the left top of the board) but is not connected normally, I just connect to 12 or 9V whichever is available.

Have fun!

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