Monday, January 09, 2012

The "Speaky" reborn

The Speaky HF SSB/CW transceiver kit was the main reason for this blog to start, at that time I wanted to document the building process of the kit but after a while it became the virtual space for my radio electronics projects.
I did finished the build process of the kit but got some bug's on the first test so decided to stop for a while. Now I will rebuild the kit, mainly the cabling to the main board, I made it short the first time and got to the conclusion I need easy access to make further tests.

Today I started debugging the project, the first problem was the frequency counter, a swapped cable (signal and ground) was the reason for not counting the LO frequency, now it's ok but there are around 30 new cables to be done.... lot's of work for the upcoming times....

Only the 40m band module in place, still need to solder the 17m one and probably add another one, the main board allows for 5 band modules, only ordered 2 at that time.

It was also an opportunity to clean the mess in the bench :)

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