Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ciencia an Mirandes - Al Centificu Eilustradu

Or: "Science in Mirandês - The illustrated scientific"

This post is not only about ham radio or electronic design but about an interesting blog I found; not only for the subject in it but because it's written in a language I know very little.... "Mirandês".
This is the first blog I found about ham radio and science in this language, and I found it by mere chance during a web search.

You probably don't know (for the not Portuguese natives, and many natives for that matter) much about this language but Portugal has two official languages (since 1997), yes that's right, beside Portuguese there's also "Mirandês" language.
Mirandês is just spoken by a very small community in the North East part of the country and it's only learn at school in that area, for me and as a simple explanation it's a mix of Portuguese with Spanish adding the country North-East accent. For a language student that could not be the most accurate way of putting things....for English readers to understand I would say it could be a mix of ancient English with current English on a Scotish accent :)

Here's a litle sentence from the blog, in Mirandês and my translation to Portuguese, Spanish and English so you can see similaritires between languages.

In "Mirandês":
"De restu hai uns méźes atras la NASA dixu que punarie outra véç l purgrama an lliña... y ya sta"

In "Portuguese":
"De resto hà uns meses atras a NASA disse que punha outra vez o programa em linha...e já está"

In Spanish:"Además hace unos meses, dijo la NASA volvió a poner el programa en línea ... y ya está"

In English:
"After all, some month's ago, NASA said that would put again the program back on line (track)... and it's done"

I point the fact that language knowledge is an valuable tool, normally my radio searches are in English because of the language wide spread but I do find many interesting pages on other languages like French, Dutch, German, Russian and Japanese, being, from my perspective, the last two the most outside the norm radio designs (specially in component references). So, next time, you, the reader, could try to search something translated to another language, you'll see some different results for sure!

The "ciencia an mirandes" (Science in Mirandês) blog is here

Even if you don't understand the language at least the images and videos are universal.

Have fun, in any language!


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Interesting, I did not know that. Here in the Neteherlands we have a similair thing. The people in the province Friesland speak Frysian. 73, Bas

Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

This hobby is fantastic, I didn't know that also! Always learning.
73 de Ricardo - CT2GQV

Tiégui said...

Buônus diês !
I'm the one who write this blog :) I'm F4EOB/CT2JTZ.

Achai'l vuôssu cumentairu y fiquei susprendidu, muitu oubrigadu :)

You scribu'l mirandés de maneira çtinta dals outrus mirandéses purque la mie maneira de screbir sona mas cume nos falamus.

Ala, cumequiêra que ya falarémus an 40 métrus u pur ende an VHF.

73, de Thierry.

Tiégui said...

Buônus diês ! Hello !
I'm the one who writes this blog ! I'm F4EOB-CT2JTZ.

Achei'l vuôssu cumentairu y fiquei mui susprendidu. Muitu oubrigadu :)

Al mirandés tamiên fui lliêngua de reis. Yêra d'antes assi que falaban als reis de Llion (Leon).

You scribu'l mirandés a la mie maneira, yê çtintu de la maneira an que scriben lus outrus mirandéses.

Ala, ya falarémus an 40 métrus u pur ende an VHF.

Abraçu, de Thierry.

Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

Obrigado Thierry pelas palavras. Foi tudo mais ou menos percebido :)
Continue com o optimo trabalho.

73, Ricardo