Friday, January 13, 2012

Handycam CCD-F370E mini crt - II

I have a spot!

...but before this image, first I cut the vertical deflection coil... had 50% chances of finding it on the first try... I did!

Then cut the horizontal deflection coil (actually I removed the plug on the coils) and got the spot! I new beforehand that the timing/blanking circuit would work erroneous or would stop working since the coil is part of the circuit so I replaced the crt coil in the control circuit with a 33uH or 330uH choke coil (I think... orange, orange, some sort of grey, have to measure and try another), the spot got better and more focused but still not perfect.

..I could just had hook up some signal to the coils...but no! This way is more fun!

Now the problem will be the "Z" axis, I can build an video blanking circuit in tandem with a sawtooth generator (and feed the video in the original circuit) but that would be to much trouble, I will try to control directly the crt or add just a marginal circuit in the blanking part which is pin 11 in the following control circuit.

More search (use an translator if your Russian is like, besides: Vodka, Polyakov, Piskunov and Dasvidania! Sorry for the spelling) and I found a similar design (from Samsung) on the one I have:
The red dots are the blanking circuit, I am thinking in "attack" directly "G1" on the tube or maybe the center part of the pot controlling the intensity, (not perfect but should work), I think it's better than removing the tube and make a new HV circuit.

have fun, I am having... a lot!

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