Monday, March 07, 2011

Chamada Geral‏ / SDR SHORT COURSE ‏

Well, this post is not exactly about building something, instead about some interesting things being done locally (country wise that is).

Some years ago when I was a kid (I'm still one) there was a TV program about ham radio in the state television. I remember seeing some episodes but the radio bug was not yet very present, maybe those programs had triggered that, can't remember now.
Anyhow thanks to some hams those episodes are now avaiable in the internet. For sure most readers don't understand Portuguese but an image is still an image.
By the way "Chamada Geral" is "CQ - Calling all" translated to Portuguese.

Here the links to some episodes.

Chamada Geral Ep.01 :
Chamada Geral Ep.02 :
Chamada Geral Ep.03 :
Chamada Geral Ep.04 :
Chamada Geral Ep.05 :
Chamada Geral Ep.06 :
Chamada Geral Ep.12 :

Some more are being processed to upload.

Now the other subject...:

There is going to be held in Aveiro - Portugal an "SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO HARDWARE SHORT COURSE"

Dr. Jeffrey Pawlan (W6KBL, WinRad creator/coder) will be presenting this short course.

It's during the week of 15 to 18 of March in "Instituto de Telecomunicações – Pólo de Aveiro" (Telecomunicacion Institute - Aveiro)
This short course has no cost and it's open to everyone, be it a radio amateur a university student or any other person.
Just because of a logistic matters there is the need to make an inscription that you can do with Luis Cupido (CT1DMK).
I personaly would like to go but don't know if I have the chance. Aveiro is 133Km from my QTH so it's not that far but it's more than one day.
Here's the agenda:
Looks very interesting

And a litle map to locate you.

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