Monday, December 20, 2010

Season's greetings

Honestly, I try to be the most politically correct in this blog although only at the radio I have the legal obligation for that :)
Said that, and since I don't know the religious or annual (not everybody is in 2010) calendar that each blog reader uses, accept my season's greetings when ever you want!

Here's something to be used as a gift:

Not finished yet (only 3 out of 6 LED's connected and in prototype board) but will be similar to the famous "Knight rider" car lights... what a better use for an 555 and 4017 with at least 15 years old!
This will go to my nephew bicycle. His Christmas present.

Season's greetings!


Eric Söderman said...

Wow. I am building the exact same circuit right now for my son to have for Christmas! He is 1,5 years old and "lamp" is the most used word in his vocabulary. :-)

Greetings to you too and thanks for your inspiring blog! Hope for many entries in 2011.


Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

Hello Eric,

Thank you for the comment!
I suspect your sons next word will be "PTT"!
I will try to continue melting a lot of solder and burning some fingers in the process for 2011 :)

73 de Ricardo, CT2GQV

p.s: I have a signal generator with a box very similar to yours!