Sunday, October 24, 2010

Made the first QSO...

...With the homebrew VHF FM transceiver! A big thank you to CT1BBP who answered my call and was patient enough to let me test some changes in the radio controls while QSoing!
Audio report was: "looks you are in the bottom of a well but 100% copy!"
That's nice, I am happy, will improve later on the audio modulation part and also the PA with ideas from YO5PBG (he answered my question in a previous post for a PA "ninja" :).

Meanwhile I cleaned up the soldering table and placed some unfinished project's on top for the next few days.

A 20A power supply (linear), a speaker as a mic and the VHF/UHF receiver with an VCR tuner module.

Must "clean" this old experiment boards to give space for new projects....

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