Friday, October 15, 2010

Box for the PIC programer

I had the pic programmer (for 16F84 and similar type) for some time on top of the computer box, built it in a rapid prototype board, so decided to give him new shiny box so I can place it in the "not so frequently used equipment shelf".

Now, why to spent around 10 Eur in an aluminum box when you have some other for around 1 Eur, that's ten time's less...and you can eat some tuna or sardine fish! Yes, I am writing about the mighty tuna tin!

Here's the outcome:


PCB come from the VHF PLL board left over, and, by the way, the "tuna" was very nice!
Schematic at:

Meanwhile, made some more tests in the VHF 1W amplifier and now I only need more 1.2V to get the 1W mark! Maybe next few days...

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