Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VHF transceiver box....

Decided that the aluminium box I "found" is going to be used for an VHF FM transceiver, in fact there is going to be an transmitter and a receiver independently, that's due to design. Transmitter is a FM modulated VCO, PLL controlled at the tx frequency and receiver is a 10.7Mhz IF conversion with an Si570 kit VFO.

Its always a problem to make big holes in an aluminium front panel, for pot's and switches a simple drill is enough but for larger holes unless you have a punching machine available there's not many ways of doing this.
Here's the method I use:

First mark the boundaries and start your driller...for cuting the aluminium bettwen holes I used the drill bit edges. Use a lime to round the remaining aluminium....and, voilá, gives a lot of work but it works...sort off..will improve this for final assembly.

Now I am just waiting for the lcd to make the final assembly, probably I will use two different antenas, one for RX the other for TX and I am still developing the 1W VHF output amp for this transmitter.

stay tuned...

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