Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More hidden treasures

Still searching for lost magazines and some old projects and this weekend I came up with the magazine that had two of my very first projects:

A power supply

Incidentally the schematic had the wrong value on the zener resistor but I managed to figure that one out. I still have the original box were I placed this assembly.

...And the super transmiter....

The schematic:
Luckily for me I never finished this project, I didn't had the transformer and if I remember I connected, just for a quick test, directly to the mains power supply with an half bridge rectifier, of course it didn't worked, there were no return power line but if I had continued I was going for sure to put my finger there.... that would no be very nice to see.
I still have to find the board and components.

The magazine doesn't have a date stamped but some comercials refer that the prices are valid before 15 Feb 1986 so it's before that....

Well it was another weekend and another beach... here's my attempt to make a panoramic image holding the camera by hand and using the panorama script on "gimp" for the first time... sorry for the quality but at least I had a nice beach day.

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