Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VHF FM transmiter... PLL PCB

Got this in the mail:

It was sent to me by CT5JZX who took care of ordering them. He is also making one for his own use. I opted for a PCB and not my normal method since I got the LCD and board for the same price of the LCD cost in the local electronics shop....and my callsign is stamped in the board :)

Now I must program the PIC and find (buy) the LC72131. Will also cut the unnecessary parts of the board since I don't think there's room in the master board to accommodate this one.

The schematic and "software" is from: PY2EAJ, Euclides, and you can see more at: http://rf.w2c.com.br/PllLC72131.aspx
and also here: http://py2ohh.w2c.com.br/trx/2mpll/2mpll.htm
with some description in English.

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