Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Power meter IC arrives

Got this in the mail:

Sorry for the crap photo...I do solder better :)

Santa did come early this year and brought me an AD8307.
Since I will be busy with other stuff probably will only make the power meter latter on. Will also use the Linear IC for a full DC to dayligh power meter.

Meanwhile I've been searching for a nice tone control to place on the hf-radio and that will be the next thing to put there. The AGC is ready but I still have to put the TL074 on the IC socket , there is no LM324 in town so the TL074 will fit nice, I hope!
Also changed a litle bit on the IF amplifier part and the output of the MC1350 is now acording to fig 7 on his datasheet, the values I placed were for 10.7Mhz but looks like it is working whit less noise... probably will change the input part also.

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