Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The box for the hf-radio

Not much text here and especially none schematic!

There's a lot of stuff still missing in the receiver part.

- A better working AGC, have to check schematic again.
- Tone control
- Pot for volume control
- All the bandpass filters
- Pre-amp
- Attenuator
- Connect the mode selector (second bigger knob on the panel)
- Power supply switching for rx/tx
- Fine tuning the audio notch
- Add a variable filter....includes changing all the IF part....
- Other stuff missing....

In the future will post all the schematic. now, it's like this:

Input filter: will be from the GQRP design of bandpass filter
RF preamp: will be from K2
Front end mixer: From the ARRL 14Mhz receiver
First amp: From 14mhz receiver but will put equal to the K2 transceiver
IF amp: from ARRL receiver but output is equal to MC1350 datasheet
BFO mixer: ARRL...
BFO oscilator: From Minipig receiver
Audio amp: ARRL...
Notch filter: From QST design
Audio amp: ARRL...
VFO: Hands electronics DDS-3
VFO amp: Can't recall now...

Happy new year!

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