Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meter repair

Some years ago I grabbed my tent and went to Germany to the ham radio exhibition. The idea was to leave the tent and on the spare space bring a lot of junk.
I did managed to bring the tent and the junk... although at the Swiss airport (I went via Zurich) control was difficult to put everything inside after removing the tent to explain what was that on the x-ray..... they weren't interested in the wires, valves, meters, etc... oh well.
Unfortunately 2 of the meter I bough were damaged... can't trust some sellers.. today I did managed to repair one, some soldering's and voila... some one had already tried but without success since some nut's were inside wrapped in paper. The other metter was a Russiam metter and the moving coil was in open almost impossible to repair, will keep the magnet.

The idea was to use the meter in my future rf power meter but honestly it is to big for finding a nice box. Will be used in some other project. This meter must had come from a "m Ohm" meter, don't need one for the moment but let me think that it must had used a Wheatstone bridge or something similer for measuring.

I have one 150uA meter from the "Westinghouse Electric Company" and probably will be the one to use, after all "Mr Westinghouse" was a defendant of the "Alternate Current" although for some more "dBm" that I intent to measure....

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