Monday, May 11, 2009

Very low budget frequency counter

How to get an frequency counter for 6 Eur, and a bunch of electronic components.

At some point in time I needed an fm receiver for testing conditions for an receiving station for network radio broadcast. So being far from home I went to an Chinese store and bough one of those little radios, still works as off today. Then on the internet I found some articles about conversion of those litle radios to amateur use.... one of this days I went to the local low budget Chinese store an bougt one small radio. Here is the result.

Can you see the 10.7 offset? On AM de offset is 455Khz.

I destroyed the FM input after much soldering an testing on the "frequency counter" and bough another radio, the secound one only lasted the first test. the AM input is working on both...

The power supply are some 1N4001 diodes in series after an 7805 to get the 3v supply by droping in the diode, not elegant but it works.

There are also some nice componetes you get when buying this radio, 10.7 ceramic filter and 455Khz that I used for an aviation band receiver (but they are to wide, better use for wfm), some ferrite bar, some capacitors, etc.

Case you ned the cable connection information I can provide to you altough I don't have all of them maped.

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