Tuesday, June 10, 2008

PSK31 Interface

Have long time ago made and RTTY interface but not even once using it, I decided to go for PSK31 now that propagation is not famous.
After searching the net for designs I decided to go for this one at http://www.geocities.com/n2uhc/interface.html

Having already bough one audio isolation transformer now I only needed another one (se the link at the end of the article to se the ones that DK1HTX did). I bought another one.
Searching the junk box for...an box I decided to go for an perfume box. The holes for the led, potentiometer and cable were made by my trusty swiss army knife.

Doing the cabling and the connections I tried against my oscilloscope since the PTT part it's not done yet. I've got signal.
Now on to the photos!

Henrik (DK1HTX) also as an great interface at his home page http://www.qslnet.de/member/dk1htx/psk31.html he even home brew his own audio transformers!

The transformers I used were this ones (LTR-110) at around 12 Eur each: http://www.monacor.dk/produkter/proflyd-linedrivere/vnr/210500/?type=257&no_cache=1

Input (Audio ) connected to pin 1 and 3 and output at pin 6 and 8 of this transformer.


PE1ROK said...

Audio transformers can be found on old PC-modem cards. The line transformers (600 Ohm)work well, and are cheap.

PE1ROK said...

You can use the line transformers on old PC-modem cards. They work well and are cheap!

Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

I have 2 modens but didn't wanted to broke them just to remove the transformer. Didn't test but will do one of this days is the transformers from hdsl telco circuits. Tey should work also.