Sunday, June 22, 2008

PSK31 Interface III

After getting everything working with the PSK interface, it's time for an upgrade and to make a new one...
Just tried to make an audio transformer following the idea from DK1HTX in ,after searching the junk box for some enamel copper wire (none was found with the exact length and diameter) I decided to try with wire from CAT5 cable (Ethernet cable) and an toroid core from an old computer power supply, removed the old wire from the toroid and on we go with the cabling.
The result is not ok for every day use because there's no sufficient impedance in the wire but I am sure if you follow the instructions from DK1HX you will be successful! With my transformer you need to put an high audio level on the input to get some results but it's cheap to make this! Even buying the toroid and the wire it will be cheaper than an commercial transformer!
As soon as I have some time I will try this following instructions, I still need an isolation transformer for the weather satellite receiving....but that's another story!

Just did another audio transformer this time using thiner wire from and old power supply transformer and with 2m of wire, both input and output. Better results but still not perfect, will do still another test with even thiner wire 3 or 4m length.

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