Sunday, August 13, 2006

No work done for the past 3 days

I am getting lazy... didn't build any part of the "Speaky" for the last 3 days.

Friday: There were fires visible from my shack... and I didn't had de mood to make more heat than the one in the fires. Fire destroyed an very nice place were I usualy ride my bike. There were more than five hundered fires active in Portugal this day.

Saturday: All day working on my bike shop so I had no time to make some soldering, insted the normal bike problens... cranks, chain, derraieur, etc, etc

Sunday:'s Sunday and I need a break... went to the beach in "Peniche" and as usual by this time in the year the beach was full...
The foto was taken in the winter so there's no people in the photo :)

Hope to get back to the soldering job by tomorow.

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