Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First issue!

Testing section 2 I found that one of the values refered in the English manual were not according to my readings.... investigating and looking on the schematic I found that I had to connect pin 11 to 41 and 10 to 42 to give me correct values on pin 39 and 40 (was writen on the english manual but I only saw later).

The other issue is pin 13 (Weichtast output) , I don't have an +10V (acording to the manual) reading but have 1.6 (were are the others 8.4V ?) backtracing from the schematic I can't figure it out (not backtracing deep enought?), I should have a litle bit less than 10V on the emiter of T25 if I had 10V on pin 10 of IC13, I will carry on the building and get back to this issue ASAP. The other possibility is a broken port of IC13 but it's an remote chance (will be investigated anyhow) because the other ports of it are working :-|.
Will investigate also T24 that could be causing this and haven't looked that possibility yet.

Change in plans, while I was writing this post I was also looking at the schematic manual avaiable on the net, and on page 41 there are some logic stats on the IC13 pins and that is more coincident with the values I have got.... I think I will build next stage and check values again before I ask the some silly question to the German boys :)

...Adendum: There is also in the manual information to provide 10V to other pin on the board (I didn't saw on the manual the first time)... It's now working as suposed to.

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