Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baugruppe ready...

Productive day, "baugruppe" bags or "build group" are ready, except some static sensitive devices and inductances all is separated in the bags. The worst is to not knowing most of the words on the mecanical parts list. Also on the mecanic part's bag was an IC (or sort) with 8 legs on an DIP-12 socket (looks some isolating IC device) IC90-51 is the reference on the IC, could not see any reference on the list so or it was an bonus or later will be necessary (didn't checked all the components list on the other manuals).

Exchange some impressions with Allan Copland (GM1SXX) who is also building "Mr. Speaky" but more advanced than I am, he as an nice report at:
Allan likes "Superbock" beer :) and he is righ on saying that the buildup of this kit will give sone neck pains :)

Nikolai (DL7NIK) from the QRPproject send me the missing rotary encoder that was not included on the kit.

I "discovered" that my antenna analizer can read inductance.... cool! No more problems with those "animals" :)

No more for today, tomorow I will start soldering .... I hope.

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