Monday, June 10, 2019

Simple 10Ghz oscillator with FVC99 hybrid VCO

I wanted to test 10Ghz band, more like a challenge than for any practical application, so started some experiments.

One of the first builds was an oscillator, it's a simple module out of the shelf with just a companion pot for tunning.

The module is an FVC99 hybrid VCO and more data available here:
It's major advantage is price, something less than 10Eur. Cheaper that any other sort of VCO (except probably the cheap motion detector modules that I will show in the future).

Mine is covering 9.5GHz to 10.326 Ghz

I am lucky to have a Ghz capable frequency counter, in a future post will show how to measure in some other ways (cheaper).

Without any care on the output connection it measured -15dBm to -4 on the full frequency range.

So nothing more than power to the module and a pot doing resitive divider connected to the tune terminal of the same module (VT). It's 5V on the picture but I used a 6V regulator.

Keep in mind that i mistakenly connect the 78X regulator on opposite direction.. in case you follow the wiring on the picture....still thinking how I manage to do that the first time...guess i'm getting old.

 ...frequency calibration is more in the "around here" mark than any precision device. Enough for playing around.

These electrical installation boxes/housings are perfect for this type of assembly. just add a piece of pcb.

Have a nice day!

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