Thursday, June 13, 2019

Simple 10Ghz frequency counter #1

After previous post on the 10Ghz generator we need to measure it.

The following method is probably the cheapest you could find for 10 Ghz measure, still not dirty cheap but considering the price of a real counter on a much lower magnitude order.

This is nothing more than an LNB for satellite TV feeding a UHF frequency counter module.


You inject 12V onto the LNB, DC block it and feed the counter input.

The LNB:

The counter:

...mine is a VFD display module placed in a box with additional crystal testing circuit you have also LED versions (search for PLJ-8LED-H RF Signal Frequency Counter).

To calculate your signal input frequency just sum 9.75Ghz

Keep in mind that this will give you an approx frequency since on most of the LNB's the 9.75 Ghz LO is far from precise. The ones with PLL are a bit more stable.
Anyhow it will let you know if you are in the ball part.

The oscillator feeding the signal was the one from previous post placed in front of the LNB with a piece of wire as antenna:

Total cost will be around 10Eur for the counter plus 15Eur for the LNB and additional components, compare that even for a second hand HP or EIP... ok compare just the price...

Have fun

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