Sunday, October 08, 2017

The exploding battery!

Nothing built in the this blog post, instead some destruction!

In Ireland it's common to have in all divisions of a house smoke detectors, I think this is by legislation and mostly because there's a lot of wood involved in construction.
In Portugal, for example, that is not common since most of the houses are cement build and not mandatory.

Any how, on the present house I'm living one of the smoke detectors started beeping, that's an indication about battery status, the detectors use standard 9V PP3 battery for power.

I replaced the battery for a new one, checked the old one and since it's was still showing near the normal value keep it to power some electronics.
In this case I used it to power the S9 signal generator that was siting in the edge of the bench as seen on this picture (except in vertical position):

One of this days, while working at the bench eared a loud bang, initially since the FT-707 is on top of his power supply I tough that it had slipped sideways.... further investigation and saw the battery hanging free on the edge besides the S9 generator, OK it could had slipped hit the bench but does not justify the loud bang similar to a hammer hitting a wood bench....

 Here's what happened in pictures:

 imagine the pressure to crack the plastic.
 and force it outside the cover

 yups, the battery had long passed the time it should be running.
 The front post also suffered and was removed and used, as battery clip, for a project since this ones are easy to solder on the inside. The S9 generator uses one clip from another dead battery.

Bellow the elements inside:
There's is noticeable degradation....

Anyhow, destruction without personal damage is always fun!

Have a nice Sunday!

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