Sunday, October 01, 2017

Test Hook Clip Probe

Have to make some troubleshooting on a tight and crowded PCB so decided to make an appropriate probe.

The hook clips are very small, not extra quality but so far in the initial testing they worked OK.

With the BNC to spring clip adapter on the other end I can easily change between the scope input, the signal generator or even the multimeter without removing the in circuit probe.

Here's the outcome:

...looking at the online prices for something similar it would be cheaper than with the individual components as I did. In any case I  had the components laying around from shoppings.

The only interesting part is soldering and fit in place

That is; pulling he top cap, passing the wire and soldering on the tab bellow (close to the bottom). the top tab will be a strain relief, I left without crossing and crimping over the cable.

Have fun!


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