Sunday, September 01, 2013

New method for PCB making...

...At least for me.

I normally don't do much PCB, using the standard method or standard methods, but this time since there was a need to solder an SMD amplifier device it seemed that could be a good idea to do so. Just because I'm out of my normal shack I started to look for alternatives for the normal Iron perchlorate liquid and came up with a new product to dissolve the cooper. The method is explained elsewhere in the net by it's creator.

 Basically it's 50% of Hidrogen Peroxide (oxygenated water sold in pharmacies used as an disinfectant for small cuts on skin,, at least I used wen I was a kid) and 50% of vinegar with some salt to taste! Without the salt it would not work and you must be adding some so the process continues.

Here's the board before being cuted. The device to solder (PGA103+) is near the 1n5711 diode, big hum?

Had to buy an hacksaw for the job:

And now the mix, from time to time the board must be shaken and some salt added.
 The rest of the cooper part was protected with clear tape.

The final result:
 Does it pays of? No, except if you are in an island and really need to make a pcb....
and if you want to know I used normal white wine vinegar. Took me around 45 minutes from start to finish.
Now I still have to solder!

Have a lot of fun!

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