Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I had to build something while I don't have everything set around so decided to buy a small kit and build an AM receiver. The kit looked well built and affordable, using a classic design approach, eg somewhere in the 70's with two 455Khz IF and a diode detector.

So, 2 weeks after paypal payment it arrived at the front door (it come from Malaysia, but I think there's resellers in Europe).

The the built process took about an hour done in small bits, I first tested the audio amplifier part and then proceeded without further "delays". Didn't worked (got any station) at first time because I had no power supply (still don't) and was running it from a Nokia mobile phone charger which infected a lot of noise in the power line. Now I'm running it from a 9v battery and a LM7806.
I works, sensitivity is, well, low, but enough for during the nigth get one or 2 stations from Europe.
I might try to add an extra coil, parallel to the coil in the ferrite and connect an long wire aerial for reception improvement.

Here's the marketing photo:
What you see is what you get in the kit.

Mine when arrived:
 I bough from the same seller two small 300pF variable capacitors... their allways handie...

...as always in my assemblies the box is something for "one of these days"...

Have a nice week!

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