Monday, April 15, 2013

SAW generator

Not much RF here, except it's part of a project involving RF.

A simple SAWtooth wave generator:

Schematic is from VK2ZAY and the current source my contribution. Incidentally I didn't tested the original design so don't know which is better...probably not mine!

(VK2ZAY schematic edited by me)

Now the output of the schematic:

Wave form with an 10uF capacitor:
...there goes the linearity... oh well...

here with 4.7uF capacitor and final configuration for now:

DC out is 2 to 7V approx (Vcc 9V).

The last wave feeding the oscilloscope horizontal circuit

Here the assembly:

Alan has other designs using discrete components I might test.

Have a nice week!

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