Sunday, April 28, 2013

New coil for the antenna tuner

It was a "profitable" Saturday yesterday, build the new coil for the (re)new antenna tuner:

I had this form with some kind of steel wire wrapped around and since it was not solder-able I removed the old one and now placed normal 1.5mm2 section household wire. Unfortunately I had no more wire around so it was not till the end of the form, anyhow I suspect the inductance will be more than enough for the intended purpose. Don't "trust" the MFJ reading at the measure frequency frequency since there's lot of inter winding capacitance. My rough calculation for the coil will be around 50uH.

Here's the donator coil wire (the old one):

Had to strip the insulator which is always a pain...
...and still had time to make an oscillator just for fun...

And to place the AM demod part for the Speaky in a new board, pictures and schematic later on the blog.

Have a nice Sunday!

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