Monday, September 17, 2012

What's this IV

Got this in an exchange (actually the exchange was for other equipment's, this was more an ofter I gladly accepted):

Connectors are "N" type.
Please don't tell me it's an rf relay/coaxial switch.... I'm also sure it's not a resistor or a capacitor :)
What I would like to know before testing is the voltage, normally if it's American made it's 28V others more common are 12V. Anyhow will test latter on.

There's only markings for the polarity in each of the coils but no model or serial number, also there's a sticker with "energize to close" in each coil.
Manufacturer seems to be "PTI Lab" but since it's lightly marked and not with a sticker like the markings on the coils, "PTI Lab" could be the place that bought this item originally.

The piece without the round bracket support:

Quality seems top notch and I'm sure it will extend to the Ghz range due to small size and build type. If it's working will be placed one of this days in the roof....

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