Thursday, September 27, 2012

Azores / Açores

In 2003 I booked a flight to go to Friedrichshafen ham radio exhibition in Germany...the flight was scheduled to 7:00 AM. The booked day I fell asleep and arrived at the airport 10 minutes before flight just to discover it had been canceled...I got really "#$!"#$ed... lost all the will to go and asked if I could change the ticket to a flight to the Azores (Açores in Portuguese) islands, I had the tent with me and never had been in the Azores so the radio exhibition could wait for another year, unfortunately they could not change destination so I went in the next flight to Germany, Switzerland actually and then train and boat to Germany.
In 2004 I worked for an ISP and it was necessary to test and connect a router at the American school in the USA Lages airbase, I volunteered to do the job, that way I would have the change to go there, unfortunately it was possible to do everything I lost again a change to visit the Islands.
Why do I want to go there, just because that's one of the two parts the country I've never been, being the other one Madeira island.

Now there's another chance....:

A team of ham radio operators will be the next weekend (28-30/September 2012) activating all the 9 islands.
Making 5 or more QSO's with them will have a corresponding number of tickets placed into a lottery for a free trip to the Azores!
So I will fire up my FT-817 if band conditions permit, else the FT-102 :), and try my luck. Regardless of the lottery I don't have QSO's with all the 9 islands, so there's another chance for doing that in a single weekend.

More info at

 Wish me luck!


pedro said...

xiiii.... vais dar uso aos radios ???
qual é o santo que vai cair do altar?
fora de brincadeiras, boa sorte pois nao é la muito facil.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Good luck Ricardo, I hop you can work all Islands and hopefully you win the ticket to finally fly to the Azores.
At least you can tell everyone you've been in Roodeschool hi hi. 73, Bas

Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

Hello Bas,
The Azores as one big advantage over Roodeschool.... it's definitively warmer :) but I liked anyhow!