Friday, September 24, 2010

From junk to a power supply

I've been given an old VCR....I hope it was not working since it was immediately opened for parts.
One of the nice things is; this one had a linear power supply with a real transformer and not that interference causing switching thing's :)
Said that, time to remove the transformer. I didn't care for reverse engineering the power supply diagram, just cut'd the transformer away and the rectifier bridge dissipator wich had also a 7812. I didn't reused the filtering capacitors since I had a new one to put giving a little more confidance.
And here's my new bench power supply, half done. There are still holes for other voltage outputs. For now only 15 on the left side and 12V on the right.

You can see in the background the VHF RX/TX being built and far away the RF power meter

The internal mess:

Need to put a fuse outside, for now it is internal on top of the transformer (also reused).
If you need the schematic....go search the net :) There are a billion power supply schematic's around...

And here's the trusty old bench power supply!

Is this junk with style or what? :)

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