Sunday, September 26, 2010


Normally this blog is just about building or experimenting but I will open an exception that got me depressed.... a lot know, when you want someting and realise that it will take for ever to get...or never!

"Akihabara" is from what I know an area in Tokyo devoted to the electronics market.
I've seen, in the past, some comments and some photos about it but never had seen a more inside look.

Please visit

and browse from the shops on the right of the video. If that doesn't get you depressed then you must live there. This is something like Friedrichshafen times 1000 and on steroids.

Isn't the world unfair?.... sometimes even a 1N5711 diode is difficult to find locally and this guys have all the components in a metro station!

I am still depressed..... cheapest fligh to Tokyo is allmost 3000 Eur :)


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Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

That's one way ticket only...thinking need for return! :)