Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shack PC upgrade

While I don't have spare time to finish the vhf receiver decided to upgrade the shack computer. Normaly it's used for checking datasheets and verify some schematics but also used for some sporadic aprs and some psk31 decoding. The present machine is a PIII computer running at 500Mhz but I had been given a broken computer (according to the owner) so decided to check what was the problem, after all it was some broken RAM module. Now I have a fantastic PIII at 1000Mhz, that's double power from the previous one! Hey, I am happy, worked for a long time with 386 class processors and when 486 make their appearance those were supercomputers... since I use Linux that makes good use of all the hardware I am most than happy with the performance! Here's a photo of some installed apps!

this time decided to try Ubuntu Linux distro instead of the usual Fedora or Slackware. There were some hamradio distros avaiable but I like something more generic and then tune my own way. Incidently I found an old TV/FM PCI receiver card that will use for watching tv in the shack (while analog system lasts).

The computer came without a sound card, so will have to look in the junk yard for a suitable one. For shure not one like the one in G4ILO blog at I have an ISA soundblaster card but this state of the art computer only have PCI slots! rat's!

Meanwhile bough some more PCB board to make a companion transmitter for the VHF receiver.... when time permits!

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