Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another VHF receiver

I always get back to VHF receivers although I rarely work the 2m band.
This one is not finished yet, there's the squelch missing and I have a very strange oscillation/feedback when the circuit is powered on, then it disappears...strange stuff. It's something related to the MC3361, it does that even without input signal.
I might add later an antenna preamp but for now I am quite happy with the performance.

From top left to bottom right there's the antenna input filter, the SBL-1 mixer, the audio amp, an diplexer in the middle then the IF preamp and the filter (a simple 10.7 crystal), bellow is the MC3361.
ASAP will post the schematic

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CT5JZX said...

só falta mesmo ai um video para mostrar ai a qualidade de som ...
bom trabalho.