Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UV916 tuner receiver based (part 0)

I was given some obsolete electronic equipment, namely some VHS video recorders.... I accepted thinking in using the boxes for some project.... but there's more than the box, a big collection of components including an UV916 tv tuner. Some time ago I came across some spectrun analizers and receivers using this tv tuners, now it's my time to test.

First thing to do is desoldering the most important components, I will not mind for now with resistors and capacitors, just the ones I could use on "rf", like the tuner some filters, cristals and inductors.

Now I have to look how things are connected:

And the TDA9813 match's in the datasheet from what I draw from the PCB circuit...VIF and CIF inputs I thing has something to do with bandwith beeing one of it mpeg4...

Here's another IC's used in other type of VCR's... looks like they are all almost the same...and the technology matches the components I removed....there's also two exits on the saw filter bellow...

Now I am having the idea on how to connect everything.... The front end will be the tuner next the saw filter then an MC3361 based FM receiver from 30 to 40Mhz so I can fine tune since the PPL in the UV916 has step's of only 62.5Khz. The UV916 will be computer controled...

Ther's is a nice site with one completed receiver based on this tuner at:


....this will not be an easy job to do but I will give it a try.... but will take long for sure.

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