Sunday, October 11, 2009

Multiple receivers on one antenna, some tests

Recently I came up with an interesting problem, I have more receivers (note: transceivers working as receivers) than antennas so I have sometimes to interchange antennas between them, wouldn't it be nice to split an antenna to several receivers.

Saw some interesting circuits in the internet but didn't tested any of them but I have some cable tv splitter's that would be nice for the job, here's the testing circuit:

Splitter is an "Teka" brand model 4302S/P-15 2-way tap 5-2400Mhz

Some problems with my testing:
1 - My signal source is not 75 Ohm
2- I didn't terminated all ports
3 - I don't have an rf voltmeter I can trust, only a simple rectifier probe connected to an DVM.
4 - I only tested at VHF

Anyhow I still didn't tested connecting to an receiver, probably some acceptable results could be found but I am sure only for high level signals.
One interesting part is that when connecting directly in the "power pass" output I have more output (on 145Mhz) than the signal generator directly connected to an dummy load....oh well that's the problem of not having accurate meters....

Some circuits that probably will work (for HF):

will test them one of this days....

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