Saturday, May 10, 2008

Speaker box ( first sound)


After some spray painting (not an great job, but hey, I'm not a painter!) it was just an mater of placing the drivers in the box and make the connections.

After inital tests with the FT-102 and FT-307 I think it just needs an litle bit of tuning, first will make biger holes in the box, the sound it's an litle on the treble side. I think it will sound also better if I close the back of the box. Anyhow the sound is bright and on an fast test on 40m with lot's of noise I could copy lot's of stations, the FT-102 helps a lot on this.
The two speaker on top are 5.1 speaker from an old stereo that are being used for the TM-D700 VHF/UHF.

Detailed costs:

speakers: 24 Eur (more or less)
Bolts: 3 Eur ( a litle bit less )
Plugs (jacks): 4 Eur

Paint (left overs)
Wood (left overs)
Tools to make the round holes: 12 Eur (will use on another projects).
Cable (left overs)
My time ( priceless )

So the total cost was the same that would cost only one small CB speaker .
There's no excuse for not building at least one speaker box for your ham station! Not to mention all your antennas... later on this subject!

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