Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dummy load for bench testing

Another use for the mints box!

Some time ago I made some dummy loads for testing transmiters on the bench. For full power transeiver testing I have another one of 100 W also homebrew.
The loads were made using some recycled boxes and carbon resistors for not adding inductance in the circuit.
The small one is for UHF and was made out of SMD resistors ( 2 of 25 Ohm in series ) the other just for VHF is made of 4 resistors of 200 Ohm in paralel. It has an 50 Ohm resistor near the load connected to an RCA plug so I can transmit on the dummy load and get some signal without afecting the testing circuit.

There not much to say about this litle peaces, just drill some holes, put the plugs and solder the resitors, but if you have any question...just don't ask :)

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