Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Back to the future - Arduino DCF77 transmitter

Here's the proof:

..that's December first, 2072!

On a serious note, needed to test a DCF77 receiver box that was (and still is) giving some problems to get reception since there was no other way of testing with a "real" strong signal why not making a transmitter for it.

Luckily that's pretty simple and someone already had done it here.

I first tested if was transmitting with my VLF receiver: was

And then with my watch:

which includes a DCF77 receiver to keep updated but antenna wire needs to be close by.
The schematic is strait forward, 1K resistor from pin 3 to ground with antenna wire in the middle.

The Arduino code you can get it here. There's also details include on how it works. Keep in mind that you need an Arduino with a quartz crystal for clock, most likely a ceramic will not work.

I just hard-coded the start time but you can change by serial port:

Still the DCF77 receiver box that I wanted to work, doesn't.... that will be another post (and no it's not the antenna wire you see disconnected in the picture)

Have a nice day!

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