Saturday, March 10, 2018

Insulated, Stackable Banana Plug - BU‐31104 - 4mm

Nothing major here, just some instruction on how the best way to solder this plugs in case anyone looking for the info.

I bough some for the power supply and multimeter and questioned myself if there was a data-sheet for the plugs. There is, link for the "data-sheet" at the end.

They are a little of pain to solder with lower wattage soldering iron due to big surface area.

For my multimeter I had to cut a little to fully enter the terminals.
The main advantage for this ones is that they are stackable, the disadvantage is that have to be soldered, in some sense it can be advantage (better contact).

For assembly just follow this:

..easy!In my case I preferred to solder to the metal body without going trough the hole.

Data-sheet here:

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