Friday, December 29, 2017

Bench power supply ( part I )

This is part I from the build of a small bench power supply.
It's going to be 3 supplies in 1, one from 3-19V (build bellow), a 5v USB output and a variable dual rail implementation of the LM317/337.
The first one, already finish, is using an LM723 implementation, nothing special, just picked the first schematic that seamed viable and built it.
This power supply it's just to avoid having to resort to the 13.8V one from the radio since it will be used for small circuits testing.

Here's the outcome (left size finished minus buttons and voltage display, latter on that):

The USB out (in the midle) it's going to be useful for testing Arduino projects without fear of frying the USB port on the computer, it's just a garden implementation of the LM7805 with two 100nF caps on the input and output.

The schematic that I used for the variable supply was the one bellow (from here):

I used a TIP3055 and TIP31 instead since I didn't had the specified ones, the 600 Ohm resistor was replaced with a 680 one.

Bellow a similar schematic with more comprehensive details of the current and voltage controls (from here):

Inside stays like this:
More details with the TIP3055 heathsink (piece of metal) in place:
and the view to the front panel back side:
The box used was one on sale on the local electronics shop and even include a transformer inside, the only downsize was that you had to build your own front panel, nothing some PCB and elbow grease would not sort out:

Not perfect but works. Bellow another picture during front panel build:
The switch most to the left enables or disables the output, handy if you see something smoking while testing and it cuts faster than the main power switch due to charge on the filtering capacitors.

Enjoy the weekend and see you probably next year!

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