Sunday, April 02, 2017

S9 signal generator, another one.

This is not my first one, anyhow since the other is 1600Km away and I needed to tune a receiver, here's the "new" one:

 Allready helping tunning IF coils of a transceiver in kit form (will write more on that latter):

Here's the schematic:

It's similar to the Elecrat signal generator ( and the Norcal one.

The schematic I loosely followed is from here: KV4QB has a nice write-up on the generator.

I didn't placed the capacitor in series with the crystals and the attenuators are both in line since I'm interested on the lowest possible signal.

Construction and boxing, an house electrical junction box and some pcb made the trick:

The power clip for the 9V battery was made reusing one old battery terminal and then glued for rigidity:

Testing connected to the FT-707 it displays around S1 but since I calibrate the s-meter by ear, guess might be getting wrong results, If time permits will test with the AD8307 ...anyhow that one needs calibration also.

Here's level to s-meter table:

Have a nice week!

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