Sunday, October 23, 2016


Nothing special, just me, never learn...

Some time ago I got an Yaesu FT-7 from a friend to repair/check along with an FL-110 companion amp.

I swapped something for the FL-110, fixed the FT-7 and handed it to is owner.

3 weeks ago saw one for sale and in good condition... so why not..I already have the RF amp for it (the amp was intended for the Speaky transceiver)!

Here's what arrived in the post office:

With mic, manual and power cable:
 ...but not the tuner.

And bellow the FL-110 amp I have in Portugal along with my friend's FT-7:

 That's it... another radio in the shack...

...In the mean time started another project:

When finish will post more details... hopefully still this year.

Have a nice week!

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