Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sommerkamp FT-307 ... again

Some time ago I had a Sommerkamp FT-307, basically the Yaesu FT-107M re-branded by Sommerkamp for some markets.

It was this one and had the usual CB mod's: on (picture taken by me)

I think I swapped by an FT-817 and some accessories at that time.

In my last journey to Portugal I bought another one...

...according to the description, unit was not functioning after some magic smoke going out during transmit.

I didn't had the chance of testing or even seeing the radio, in any case made the deal and asked a friend to collect this previous week and keep it until my return. Today, after some persuasion, he powered on the unit just for fun, would it explode? No, it powered on and had noise (no antenna connected),  so in worst/best case scenario I will have to fix the  transmission part or the radio.

I think the final unit is similar to the FT-707, so, since I have two of them, will see if it fits. This radio it's modular in construction so should be easier to fix than the two FT-707 I already sorted.

Have a nice week!

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