Sunday, March 13, 2016

9 Digit VFD frequency counter (PLJ-9VFD)

Received this last week and this Saturday tried to confirm it's working:

..after power on:

frequency of 8.514 Mhz and 620 Hz

It's a simple, VFD display, frequency counter that I got from a popular biding site and was delivered from the far Est for less than the price of the individual components (14.00 Eur).

The test fixture, connected to the VFO of the VLF receiver testing board:

The backside picture:

On the left, the power supply and on the right, signal input.

The only pitfall is the manual, you have to download and it's in Chinese, in any case enough to understand the basics. It will be used only as frequency counter for a future project.

Have a nice weekend!

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