Sunday, January 24, 2016

Light house bulb

Got this bulb around 1991/92, when a local book store went out of business,
 I was bought along with a simple book on electronic/light sensitive devices and other I can't remember. Since it was on sale, the price if I remember correctly was something like 100 Portuguese "Escudos" (or less), that is now a days 0.5 Eur, priceless! I just can't find the correct reference, in any case, it's an Osram brand 220V 300W

According to the store owner it was the lamp sold as spare for one of the city lighthouses. Peniche has a main light house, two at the harbor entrance and a small pilot light on the north side. The lamp is "only" 300 Watt's, so I suspect being true the story, it would be for the small pilot light marke "L Fl R 7s" on the map. Translated from "nautical": Long Flash Red with 7s off period:

The last time I power it on was when mains was still 220 V, now with 234 V and the age of the lamp don't know if will risk it again (maybe in series with another lamp). I couldn't find the matching ceramic bulb holder, I know I have it somewhere....

Look at he size against the Hameg scope.:

And the Sailor receiver:

Still didn't found a good use for it but I really like the unusual size!

Have a nice week!

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