Sunday, November 01, 2015

Most import project so far - Night Light

....Yes, if you show LED's to a 5 year old they will never let you go... and if you show that they light up when connected to a will spend the rest of the day watching batteries getting drained.... If besides all this you have a spare project box in hand the litle ones will find a way of re purposing it!
That's what happened when I showed LED's (she discovered then in fact) to my little child, after playing a bit with the LED's she asked me for a night light, she never had one but she knewed what it was... here's the result:

Her design for the LED placement:

And switching bettwen the J of Joana:

And the heart:

Inside looks:

 ... she was also fun of the breadboard....and yellow wires!

I suggested blinking and doing circles using an Arduino but no, it was OK like Arduino was spared!

Have a nice week!

P.S. Now I have to connect to an external supply as requested/ordered!...

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