Saturday, October 24, 2015

"New" equipment - Yaesu YR-901, YK-901 and Heathkit SB-610

..New as in new for me. Last August I bough this pieces of "furniture" for the shack, I know the post is a bit late, it's already October.
Only bough them because it was relatively inexpensive, so worst case scenario (they don't work) the box's will be used for some other project, I didn't tested yet, the decoder YR-901 looks ok, the SB-610 has some changes on the CRT tube connections so will be tested first with a bulb inline and after a small revision.
Here's some images for your viewing pleasure.

YR-901 CW/RTTY decoder:

With the matching keyboard, YK-901:

SB-610 Oscilloscope, transmitter monitor:

The YR-901 decoder will be a nice addition to the FT-102 Line:

...Have a nice weekend!

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