Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mixers tested

Here's some of the passive mixers I normaly use.

From top to bottom, ADE-1, TUF-1, SBL-1 all 7 dbm level.

I've been experiencing with the ADE-1 using the IF out as input for the VLF range and it works nicely, contrary to one could think. I'll post in the future the experiments.
I'm also favoring more this mixer since it's the cheapest of the 3.

The SBL-1 I use in HF range but also made a VHF transceiver using it for the reception part.

The TUF-1 only used it on the "Speaky" kit, might replace the ADE-1 in the "Trevo" transceiver design with it.

Have a nice week.

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