Saturday, May 30, 2015

FT-707 repair (6) Display "dot"

On last post I noticed the decimal dot not working in one of the FT-707 units.

I was hoping for a simple cable broken and not the 7 seg display... it was the cable!

Now it's fixed:

Here's the reason, cable broken on the endpoint, the "missing" one is colored grey coming from the counter unit. The X in the picture marks the spot for the missing "dot" cable:

Had to loosen the from panel a litlle to manage to solder the cable there since the space is short.

 Here's for future reference, if deeper troubleshooting needed, the interconnection between the display counter unit and the 7 segments LED display in the front panel:

 The output of the counter unit to the LED display
 The LED unit in the from panel, wires are soldered directly from the PCB to the two plugs on the counter unit:

The pint out for the 7 seg LED display used in this radios, I think are similar to FT-107 and others.

Have a nice weekend!

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